Cobalt NASRaQ
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Cobalt NASRaQ

Simple, cost effective way to add storage to your network.

Key features:

Microsoft, Macintosh and UNIX compatible file services
RAID 0 (striping) and RAID 1 (mirroring) support
Integration into an existing NT domain User, group, and share based security
Network-based backup (Legato compatible)
SNMP management support
Advanced management using Telnet
Web based performance and usage reporting
NASRaQ Datasheet (PDF)

Designed as an affordable, reliable storage solution, the Cobalt NASRaQ can  solve storage problems for networks operating in small businesses, offices, and company departments. Many larger enterprises can also benefit by  expanding storage capacity with the low-cost, high capacity Cobalt NASRaQ.

The Cobalt NASRaQ delivers high capacity storage, cross-platform  filesharing services, and remote administration capabilities all packaged in a  single rack unit height, industry standard enclosure.

The Cobalt NASRaQ offers two disk drives that can be configured for up to 32  gigabytes of RAID 0 (striping) storage space. Alternatively, the two drives can  be configured for up to 16 gigabytes of RAID 1 (mirroring) storage for data  protection. An external SCSI port allows the Cobalt NASRaQ to quickly  communicate with peripheral hardware such as disk drives and tape drives for expansion, backup and archival.

Models Available:

R28 3G4 NIU - Cobalt NASRaQ with 32 MB DRAM and dual 10.2GB hard disks.

R28 6H6 NIU - Cobalt NASRaQ with 64 MB DRAM   and dual 16.8GB hard disks.

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