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Safety-Critical Industries

There are an estimated 374million work-related injuries and illnesses occurring each year worldwide and at the cost of over $3billion. ‘Every day, people die as a result of occupational accidents or work-related diseases.’ ILO (International Labour Organization)

Mintra specialises in 'safety-critical' industries. These are workplaces where safety is of paramount importance and the consequences of failure or malfunction may be loss of life or severe injury, serious environmental damage, or harm to plant or property. Companies operating in these industries are governed by strict legislation, requiring them to demonstrate high levels of compliance and workforce competence.


Mintra's products and services are applicable across the energy industry, from oil and gas exploration and production, drilling and refining to nuclear and renewables, wind, solar, and hydropower. The global energy sector is an inter-related network of companies, directly and indirectly, involved in power production and distribution. These companies employ large workforces with similar skillsets, operating in hazardous and remote environments and to similar legislative standards. With the changes in the energy sector, these workforces and skillsets will continue to migrate between industries and geographies, requiring new knowledge and adopting different standards. It is a complex space and time that requires modern solutions that bring simplicity and speed.


An estimated 1.6 million seafarers are working in the global maritime industry. Constantly on the move, whether commuting to meet their next vessel or onboard working and traveling through international waters with different legislations. For over 30 years Mintra has helped our clients with managing these complex operations of many moving parts. The challenge of connectivity requires the deployment of intelligent onboard systems that can continue to operate remotely and without an internet connection. Mintra's OCS HR software supports the operation of more than 1,800 vessels worldwide, ranging from tugs to tankers, cargo and passenger ships, semi-submersibles, and research vessels.

'We travel the world with our clients, from mega-construction projects in the Qatari desert, offshore operations in North Africa, Australia, and Azerbaijan to Norwegian ice fjords. The team are experts in executing international projects.' Kevin Short , Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Kevin Short

Adjacent Industries

In addition to our core markets, Mintra is introducing our products and services into adjacent safety-critical industries with similar job roles, standards and requirements, such as construction, manufacturing, medical, transportation and storage sectors. This strategy includes penetration within existing geographic markets and expansion into new territories. In line with this, our products are being enhanced to expand their compatibility with these adjacent markets whilst ensuring they continue to service the requirements of our core industries. This includes expanding our course portfolio with new titles, internationally recognized accreditations, and subject matter expert review and endorsement.